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Surfing included in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

It's official: the sport of surfing has been proposed to take part in the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, in Japan. There will be two events for 20 male surfers and 20 female surfers. Surfing - alongside skateboarding, karate, sports climbing, and baseball/softball - has been proposed by the Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee to enter the Olympic Games.

How to Do a Surf Trip in Japan

This year’s Typhoon season has yielded stunning images like the ones seen above and below, which were shot just last week. With another swell set to saunter in sometime in the next few days, the time is now to get yourself a plane ticket and say sayonara to your friends and family. Japan has a reputation to be...

More older people taking up surfing in Japan

More and more older people are taking up surfing, a sport that intrigued them in younger days and which they have more time for now that their children are grown and their work schedules are less busy. Experts say surfing can help older people improve their body strength, but advise them not to overreach.

Skateboarding & surfing among possible Tokyo 2020 sports

Skateboarding, surfing, baseball/softball, sport climbing and karate have been recommended for inclusion at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The five new sports would take place over 18 events and include 474 more athletes. International Surfing Association hailed its short listing as a "milestone" as it looks to create new surf parks.

Hiroto Ohhara makes Huntington Beach Final

The nearly 40,000 spectators packed along the pier and shoreline of Huntington Beach, Calif., at the U.S. Open of Surfing on Aug. 2 had probably never heard of Hiroto Ohhara before this year’s contest. But when the 18-year-old regular footer from Japan was chaired up the beach after the final heat, chants of his name echoed as loud as the waves crashing at Pipeline. Standing atop the stage during the awards ceremony, a Japanese flag wrapped around his waist like a beach towel, Ohhara grinned as he raised a giant blue check for $100,000 above his head. “I just want to try to get a drivers license and then get some cars,” Ohhara said with a laugh when asked what he planned to do with the prize money.

If You’re Rich, Go To Japan Right Now

Are your days filled with very little responsibility and therefore a surplus of free time? Do you have a fresh quiver of boards ranging from 5’8″ to 6’2″ that have been staring at you with puppy dog eyes, begging and I mean begging for a typhoon swell? Then I have an idea for you… Go to Japan. Like, now. Surfing Magazine recommends everyone go to Japan! Click the link below for more...

ONE CALIFORNIA DAY - October 5th, 2013

Get down to the Surf, Skate, Vintage Car and Bike day at Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture on October 5th. There'll be music from legendary folk singer Shigeru Izumiya, PES, Kat Mcdwell, MOOMIN, Steph Pockets, and many more. Art, Food stalls and heaps of fun. 10am - 5pm. Google Map:

Tanaka Hideyoshi Wins the Murasaki Pro

The Murasaki Pro Kamogawa has just finished up with 2-3 foot waves and sunny skies providing some fun waves to be had and high scoring heats.. Tanaka Hideyoshi won the mens final. Tashiro Nagisa won the womens. Visit the original Japanese story below for some pics of the event.

Inamura Surfing Classic Finally has its day!

September 26th, the Inamura surfing classic invitational was held for the first time in 24 years, in the waters off Inamuragasaki in Kamakura, Kanagawa Prefecture. The event had not been held for decades as waves did not meet the height requirement of at least two to three meters. However with Typhoon No. 20 approaching, waves reached as high as five meters. Kaito Ohashi from Chigasaki took out the overall event with some blistering surfing.

Surfing in Japan during the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics

The 2020 Summer Olympics are heading to Tokyo, the capital of Japan. Interestingly, the largest metropolitan area in the world is known for hosting world-class surf spots. Tokyo, year 2020. While tourists and sports fans are in the city for the Olympic Games, local surfers will be riding their every day waves. In fact, the Chiba region, near Tokyo, is considered to be the birthplace and capital of the Japanese surfing culture...

Billabong Pro Tahara

July 25th - 28th. Four days of extreme surfing at the Billabong Pro Tahara. This is a 4-star ASP event, so expect some big names to attend. See google maps for access to the event:

Surf Jam Festival 2013

The annual Surf Jam Festival was held today at Kujikuri Beach. The free festival held in the Chiba beachside town hosts a number of music, art and surf performances throughout the day. Check out their website for more info.

Mitch Crews Wins Quicksilver Open Japan

Australia's Mitch Crews took out the ASP 4-Star Quiksilver Open Japan after defeating fellow Aussie Michael Wright in the final that at Tsurigasaki Beach, Chiba on Sunday, June 2. Crews now gets his hands on 1000 ASP ranking points and a first prize of $15,000. He got down to business in the opening minutes of the final, hooking into a juicy wave collecting a 9.17 for the effort. Keeping the momentum going, he added another 8.07 points which gave him a heat-total of 17.24 points.

Meet Rob Machado - April 25th - Harajuku & Shonan

If you missed out on seeing Rob Machado at the recent Greenroom Festival, you can meet the legend this Saturday (April 25, 2013) at three different stores in the Harajuku and Shonan areas. All you have to do buy one of the limited edition "THROUGH THE LENS OF ROB MACHADO" t-shirts. Rob will be signing the first 100 sold at each store. (* First 50 at Oshman's Harajuku) First come - first served! Times are as follows: 11:30: OSHMAN'S Harajuku; 13:00: Purple Sport BOARDERS FACT Harajuku; 17:00: Hurley Store Shonan

Green Room Festival Goes Orrf!

Surf craze audiophiles from all over the country converged on the Greenroom Festival 2013 this past weekend, checking out such bands as The Brand New Heavies, Blue King Brown, Newton Faulkner, Def Tech, and festival regulars such as Caravan to name a few. The three day event also saw special guest Rob Machado drop in as well.

Oneill Presents: Kyushu Open

May 3rd (Friday) and May 4th (Saturday) will see the Oneill sponsored KYUSHU OPEN being held at Miyazaki Kyushu. Top surfers will be arriving from all over Japan to compete in the event. Check below for website link.

HIC Open New Store in Chiba

Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC) have opened a new store in Chiba. Located only minutes from the beach. Check below for a Google Map link to the store.

Lineup of dreams

For professional baseball pitcher, Charlie Weatherby, his surf dreams became reality after Major League Baseball when he started playing in the Japanese Shikoku Island League Plus. He pitches for the Kochi Fighting Dogs, throwing heat and also getting barreled off his gourd.

ASP Malibu Amami Island Pro

The ASP Japan Tour Surfing 2012 Malibu Amami Island Pro is coming up in a couple of days! Here's a quick peak of LAST YEAR's final day highlights! Check it out! 2011 Malibu Amami Island Pro Highlights

ASP Malibu Hyuga Pro

The ASP Malibu Hyuga Pro was intense! We saw Brazil's Halley Batista almost win BOTH shortboard and longboard divisions. Halley sure brought his best to Japan, advancing to the finals in both events. Congratulations to Halley Batista (WQS), Bonga Perkins (LQS Men's) and Miku Uemura (LQS Women's)!


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